Kms Technologies Blog Latest Products Thu, 28 Sep 2023 23:40:10 +0530 en-us Power Adapters: benefits of use Mon, 20 May 2019 16:25:41 +0530 Power adapters are also known as AC/DC adapters or AC charger. An AC adapter is used for external power supply to the devices which have no power source and run on battery too. It improves the requirement for a regular sized power supply and thus decreases the size of laptops.   What is the role of a power adapter? A power adapter includes a central unit which is able to pull power from any AC outlet. And, then, it coverts it into DC power which is needed by the laptops or computers. Every AC adapter has a particular power rating which can be measured in watts or volts that is supported by the adapter to output in another electronic device. The plug type at the end and the power rating, both makes an AC adapter not universal and they are useful to only those devices which have the similar connector and requirements.   Universal AC adapter: If needed, in emergency or to the ease of use, you can rather use a universal AC adapter. It is specifically designed for working comfortably with a range of devices. Universal AC adapters can be of many types and use variable plug sizes to connect to those devices. You can surely get an AC/DC power adapters sourcing agent who can buy you the desired piece of universal AC adapter.   Advantages of using power plugs: • Safety Externally used power adapters can make you tension free about the safety issues because most of them use very low voltages. • Heat reduction  A power adapter acts as a separate source of power supply which is able to remove the heat source from the devices. Thus there is no chance of reduced longevity and reliability of the electronic constituents.  • Reduced weight and size The devices which use rechargeable batteries, reduce the size and weight of the equipment when power components get removed from the main connection plug. • Easy to replace Power supplies can fail very often than the other circuitry because they remain exposed to power spikes, and also waste heat generates internally. External power adapters can be quickly replaced by the user and there is no need to repair the powered device. • Versatile configuration To be conveniently used while travelling or in the field, external power adapters can be comfortably used with multiple power sources. • Easy certification, distribution, and product inventory An international electronic product should have multiple power sources and they must also meet all the safety protocols of different authorities which include several expensive certifications of regional or national safety agencies. A solo version of an external power adapter which meet different power requirements of the devices come with a single version only for manufacturing, stocking, and testing.    There are a number of AC DC power adapters’ distributors in Mumbai who offer extensive product ranges at economical prices. You should decide your requirements first like you want multiple external AC adapters for separate devices or a universal adapter to work will all of them, and then go the shop and purchase one according to your requirements. All about electromechanical components used in industries Tue, 16 Jul 2019 15:52:08 +0530 In the world of engineering, electromechanics holds a very vital space. It combines the processes and various procedures which are drawn from the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The term electromechanics focuses on the base idea of interaction between the electrical as well as the mechanical system as a single unit. It also deals with how both these systems interact and work in collaboration.    The idea of electromechanics is most commonly implemented in systems like DC machines, which are specially designed and are operated to generate power from a generator utilizing mechanical energy. It is also used in a case where the system needs to provide power to a motor. In other words, it can be said that this field is a combination of electrical, electronics, and mechanical engineering.   There are various types of electromechanical devices, which are made using the implementation of electrical and mechanical processes. Any manually operated equipment which intakes mechanical movement to cause an electrical output falls under the category of electromechanical devices. The mechanical switches are considered as the best example of an electromechanical device.    Well, briefly, it can be said that the term electro mechanics refers directly to the devices which make use of electrical signal for creating mechanical movement or makes use of mechanical movement for creating an electrical signal. In certain cases, it also involves the idea of electromagnetic principles like relays, which makes way for easy passage of voltage and current to control the other segment.    It usually allows isolated circuit voltage and current to pass through using the option of mechanical switching of contacts. It is also used in solenoids thorough which the energy can actuate from one moving linkage in case of solenoid valves.    As per the electromechanical components sourcing agent in Mumbai, Electro mechanics devices were widely used in earlier days before the modern electronics came into existence. Before modern electronics was developed, these devices were used in the complicated subsystem of large-sized machines like electric typewriters, clocks, television systems, and olden digital computers, which made use of electromechanical principles.   What are the various electromechanical components? It can be said that the parts which collaboratively make up perfect electromechanical devices are known as the electromechanical components.   Some of the most common components include: • Connectors: Connector is one of the most commonly used electromechanical devices which is ideally used for joining the electrical terminators and creates an ideal electrical circuit. Most of these connectors own a gender, make component which is known as the plug which connects to the female part known as the socket.  • Relays: The Relays can also be called switches which open or close the circuit based on the electromechanical or electronic principle. The device controls one electrical circuit by either opening or closing the contacts in another course.  • Fuses: Fuse is an electrical safety device which operates providing overcurrent protection to the circuit. It owns a metal wire and strip which melts in case too many current flows through it leading to interruption of the current.   These were the commonly used electrical devices sold by electromechanical components distributor in Mumbai at a pocket-friendly and budget fitting price.